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HTC Sales Up by 23.3%

HTC has begun changing its strategy since the beginning of this year, and though during the past four months the manufacturer’s sales were only decreasing, November was a successful month for it. The…

HTC One X and One S

HTC’s October Sales Down by 60%

At the beginning of spring HTC announced it would succeed this year, and I asked the company not to use the trick of Baron Munchausen who saved himself from drowning in quicksand by…


HTC Not to Launch Low-End Smartphones in Future

HTC was always famous for its high-end Android-packed smartphones. But Samsung came and changed everything. In this regard, one thing the Taiwanese manufacturer could do was reconstructing but it seems not that much…


HTC Predicts Profit Jump

Usually fans look forward to the launch of the next great smartphone. In case of the One series, fans, analysts and rivals were breathlessly waiting to see if the line can save the…


Why are Phones Black and White?

An HTC event in Seattle revealed a few interesting policies and plans of company’s working style. When speaking about the color choice of HTC handsets, the manager of product strategy Eric Lin explained…

htc-qwerty keyboards

QWERTY Keyboards in HTC’s Red Data Book

Today all mobile fans demand high-end specs, creative and elegant designs, super-thin handsets, and all in one packages. It’s not difficult to guess that all these features can’t come together at once, one…


HTC’s Market Share Drops 60 Percent

I know many people simply obsessed with HTC. They have never owned a smartphone carrying other branding, and no matter what, their next smartphone, as well, will be produced by HTC. Nevertheless, even…


HTC Going Emotional

HTC has been one of those companies whose priority seemed to be the quality of the product, technological advances and innovation. At the moment it looks like only innovation is left in HTC’s…


HTC’s Financial Problems Will Last Long

The last couple of months were spent viewing and reviewing the new models of the HTC One line. Every move and every promotional event used to make us think: “Wow, HTC is really…


HTC and InterTrust Starting Cooperation

Judging by HTC’s actions directed to investments it has decided to cooperate with third parties more closely. I mean the $300 million investment in Beats Electronics and the $18.5 million intended for Dashwire….

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