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The World of Google Nexus May End With HTC ‘Volantis’

HTC has been making the next Google Nexus Tablet for the mobile enthusiasts. It is a flagship device from the brand of HTC. It will surely create a lot of sensation in the…


New HTC One M8: Network Connectivity is improved with Android 4.4.2 OTA Update

HTC One M8 has been mesmerizing the buyers all over the world. The market is flooded with premium handsets from HTC. HTC one M8 is one of the flagship products from the brand….


Is HTC One M8 is copying E8?

HTC has been releasing premium handsets from the brand that clearly fits the bill of the customer. It has been coming with an apt price tag to satisfy the customer. HTC One is…


The HTC One 2 will be latest launch from HTC

The sequel and the follow up of the mobile phone HTC one is represented in the mobile phone HTC one 2 or HTC M 8. The mobile phone HTC One 2 has been…


We are sure that the new HTC M 8 will turn heads

The HTC M 8 will also be known as the HTC One Plus or HTC One 2. The internet has been flooded with the snap shots of the new mobile phone that is…


Report says HTC One X has an edge over Apple iPhone 5 in customer’s choice

HTC has been gifting one after one android phones – may be a completely new one or upgrading something existing, but the Taiwan based mobile manufacturing giant is quite satisfied by the result…


HTC To Hit T-Mobile, Sprint and AT & T On The 22nd Of March

The HTC One that was earlier rumored to sport the name of M7 is all set to make its entry on three major phone carriers on the 22nd of March. This mobile handset…


HTC Desire Family: Full Portrait

Though HTC is actively promoting its One line handsets, there are other series worth attention as well. It firstly refers to Desire line-up, which introduces HTC in the low/mid-end market. Traditionally, HTC Desire…

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3

HTC One X vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

2012 has been a game changer in smartphone technology and we have seen some of the greatest phones ever made landing on shelves. At the very top of the pile sits the HTC…

HTC One S vs iPhone 4s

HTC One S vs. iPhone 4S: Fight of the Dual-Cores

While the release of quad-core monster phones such as the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 may have signaled the end of the iPhone 4S’s reign as the top smartphone on…

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