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Burmese Language Fonts Now Available On HTC Phones

HTC the Taiwan Smartphone manufacturer is the one of the few Smartphone manufacturing companies to enter the untapped Burmese market after the nation has finally opened its doors to firms abroad. This week HTC has launched phones in Burma that is known as Myanmar. These phones will come available with a language on screen keyword that the company claims is the most advanced versions available in the nation. Current statistics reveal that the number of mobile phone owners in Burma is one of the lowest in the globe. The nation has with the passage of time become one of the latest frontier markets after the government of the nation has implemented reforms for opening up of the economy terminating years of military rule.


The news of Burma opening its doors to an open economy is a good one however if you take a close look at the nation and analyze the telecommunications market it is an underdeveloped one. There are only two mobile carriers operating in the market as of now. HTC‘s decision to enter the market now is a good one. It has the scope to take over the market with its current range of popular smart phones that have done very well in markets abroad. For this nation even, the price of SIM cards is a very high one.

The reason behind the government cutting the price of SIM cards lies in the fact that they remain too costly for a vast number of people. In 2011 the World Bank had estimated that only 3% of the population has a mobile phone. There is also no consensus on symbols.

Besides HTC, the other Smartphone companies entering the Burmese are Samsung and Huawei. They have leaded the market with their mobile phones that are low cost and affordable for the common person. HTC is making attempts to attract consumers that have one of the most advanced Burmese language keyboards in the nation. The main target of the company is to introduce innovative mobile phones so that the people of Burma are able to enjoy improved communications that are simple and easy.

There is no international standard for language symbols unlike most nations in South East Asia. It makes it difficult to for many people to enjoy mobile communications freely. With this step by HTC it is anticipated that the people can get the best of mobile communication with ease!

  • sharif

    Good step, but why doesn’t HTC add Arabic language support to their WP sets. Don’t you think 300 million Arab speakers is a good market.

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