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Best Buy Exclusive Offer: Purple HTC EVO 3D

Those who are looking for exclusive devices in interesting colors are most likely not that excited with the white HTC EVO 3D offer from Radio Shack. A white smartphone isn’t that unique after all. That’s why one of their main competing retailers, Best Buy, decided to offer an exclusive purple version of the handset.

This is not the first time Best Buy is offering interesting shades of HTC devices. Just remember the Silver and White versions of the HTC Incredible S and the White Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 2.

The release date and the price of the Purple HTC EVO 3D are not known yet. But I guess the phone will appear soon, as the original device was released a whole year ago.

Seems like HTC is becoming more colorful. Except of the white versions (which is actually going to be the only color option for the HTC Omega), we are going to have the sea-foam green HTC Bliss and the HTC Glamor coming in three colors, including pink, yellow and light blue. The  interesting fact here is that the manufacturer is offering a yellow device, which is a rather risky step to make.


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