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Clove - HTC One V

SIM-Free HTC One V Already in UK

Finally, we can talk about the smallest member of the HTC One family, the One V. It is now available in the UK market, so go ahead and play around with the device….


HTC One S: Free or Not Free

T-Mobile wanted to make a surprise, and allow its customers to trade with their smartphones. Enthusiasts can trade in a smartphone and get a $100 off, those brave enough to trade in their…


HTC Predicts Profit Jump

Usually fans look forward to the launch of the next great smartphone. In case of the One series, fans, analysts and rivals were breathlessly waiting to see if the line can save the…

HTC One V in Clove UK

Unlocked HTC One V Already in UK

The One line era has begun. Recent weeks have been featuring the HTC One smartphones being launched in different parts of the world. Many European countries are already in the One net, others…


Just Ask and You Will Get HTC One X

When there’s a killer phone planned to come out soon, and you’re counting the seconds to its launch, try to ask and you will have it. Maybe AT&T will see your sufferings and…


HTC One X Torture Test

If you’re an Android or just a mobile-fan, what is your worst nightmare? It always starts with you happily buying a brand new phone with a luxurious slick screen and the set as…


HTC One X Cases: Bright and Juicy

There are a lot of people who choose their future smartphones according to the design, the color and proportions rather than specs. The greatest invention of mobile manufacturers to solve this issue is…


Why are Phones Black and White?

An HTC event in Seattle revealed a few interesting policies and plans of company’s working style. When speaking about the color choice of HTC handsets, the manager of product strategy Eric Lin explained…

htc-qwerty keyboards

QWERTY Keyboards in HTC’s Red Data Book

Today all mobile fans demand high-end specs, creative and elegant designs, super-thin handsets, and all in one packages. It’s not difficult to guess that all these features can’t come together at once, one…


HTC Desire V to Be Launched on April 23

After releasing the pricey and high end One line, this time HTC has decided to approach the Chinese market with low-end affordable smartphones. It has already been announced that the company will launch…

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