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HTC Rezound Is a Global Phone

Surprising good news has fallen from the skies on the owners of the HTC Rezound. The latter was in no need of further advertisement; enough were its unlocked bootloader, its Beats Audio and…


HTC Smartphones Occupy Amazon’s Top-Rated List

So you are saying the Taiwanese HTC is in trouble? Just go to the Amazon smartphone page and look at the first page. What you will see there will be surprising in contrast…


HTC Looking for a Hero Smartphone

Much has been written and said about the difficult situation the Taiwanese HTC found itself recently. As rationality demands, reasons behind such failures were investigated and it seems HTC has found out the…


HTC Evo 4G to be Discontinued at Sprint

Everything in this life has its beginning and end. The same formula works naturally in the world of smartphones. It is always encouraging to see mobile operators introducing some new, technologically more advanced…


HTC Claims Victory over Apple in a Patent Case

In the ongoing legal battle between HTC and Apple, each side tends to claim that victory was on its side after each decision the court passes. So it becomes really difficult to understand…


HTC Velocity Battery Life Concerns Australians

It has been hours since the HTC Velocity 4G was launched in Australia via Telstra and here you are: complaints are flowing in again about its battery life. It should be said that…


WP Tango Update can Work on 256MB RAM Phones

This news can arouse dismay in those OEMs, which produce low-end smartphones. It seems some manufacturers would gladly accept the idea that Microsoft makes soft only for elite devices, as it will leave…


Apple Spent $100 Million to Prove HTC’s Fault in One Patent Infringement

In the wake of HTC’s growing activity for this year’s comeback, every single victory against its rivals becomes really significant. And especially if that victory is related to court battles HTC is waging…


HTC Unites with IBM to Make Business Apps

By trying to find as many allies as possible in the face of decisive competition “battles” this year, HTC has procured a very respectable cooperation with IBM. The latter is a company, whose…


HTC Sends Invitations for Mobile World Congress 2012

Classic invitations done in a classic order are one of the guarantees of a memorable and successful wedding. Once the invitations are sent, the hosts are already in no return stage and will…

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