AT&T to Introduce HTC HD7S in June

We have heard many rumors about AT&T’s plans to introduce its version of the HTC HD7 known as the HTC HD7S. Now seems like these rumors are confirmed – the new smartphone that runs Windows Phone 7 NoDo will really be released via AT&T very soon.

The HTC HD7S was first introduced at CTIA 2011. As we thought, it has much in common with the HTC HD7, which was released more than a year ago by T-Mobile. The only difference is the display. Well, and the “S” in the name.

All smartphones equipped with Windows Phone 7 have advanced functionality, but this HTC device will also have a large multi-touch display – a WVGA 4,3” (800 x 480). Besides, AT&T’s version’s screen will be Super LCD instead of the LCD that came with T-Mobile’s HD7.

The HTC HD7S will run 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon and will have 16 GB of internal memory for storing music, videos and other files. Ah, and let me remind that the newest version of Windows Phone 7 (the NoDo update), installed on the HTC HD7S, includes copy/paste capabilities and has better performance.

AT&T’s HTC HD7S will become available on June 5, and it will cost about $200 (with a two-year contract). Not bad, hm?

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  1. no front camera? bah! they are behinddddd! also, like copy and paste is the main thing all users want, there are many things they are lacking here. They are at least 2 years behind if not more. Hope they read my comment and heed my words for they shall crumble to the floor if their updates keep at this rate. Then again, what’s to be expected from an OS that is as closed down as iOS. The only one who was sloe on their updates back then was apple, and there wasn’t much competition then. Today It is a three horse race, they already started with a horse that was doped. lol I seriously do hope they improve. No fun without good competition.

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