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AT&T One X Goes through Testing, Will be Released in May

Several AT&T guys got a lucky chance to participate in the HTC One X testing process, which started last week. The purpose of the tests is to see if the handset will work smoothly with AT&T networks or not. The tester states the device showed an impressive score of 4952 during the Quadrant Benchmark test and it’s awesome.

The most terrific feature of the AT&T One X is the display, which causes no bugs while performing and ideally corresponds to the commands.

The device runs Android 4.0 ICS, consequently it comes with Beats Audio support. Sadly though, the actual Beats headphones will not come with the device. Plus, it won’t have microSD support and a removable battery. Still these issues are not that significant as the model originally comes with a pretty powerful battery and the internal 32GB storage is great enough to store various files.

Most likely the device will be ready to get launched sometime in May.


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