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AT&T Offering HTC HD7S for $199.99 June 5

The HTC HD7s was announced to land to AT&T back at the end of March. There was a chance that the device would be released a couple of weeks later. It’s already May, and now we finally have some official info about the release date of the smartphone — June 5.

Ma Bell Facebook had some information about the smartphone’s price, too. The HTC HD7S will be available for purchase with a price tag of $199.99 with a two-year contract.

The HD7S is going to be just another Windows Phone 7 device offered by AT&T. It’s packed with lots of interesting features — a large 4.3 inch SUPER AMOLED display with the resolution of 480 × 800, a 1 GHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera with Dual LED flash and 720p video capturing capabilities, 576 GB of RAM, 512 MB of ROM and 16GB of internal storage.

If the final S in the name is the only difference between T-Mobile and AT&T versions of the smartphone, we guess there are almost no changes in term of specifications. The only significant change is the screen. AT&T has been using  the upgraded version of the display sticking with Sony LCD, while in case of T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 we had a typical LCD. This is quite a progress.

Anyway, I still think that $199.99 is too much for this smartphone. It’s almost half a year that the device is available from T-Mobile, and thus the price could’ve been more democratic.


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