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AT&T HTC HD7S Finally Getting Windows Phone Mango Update

Around 50 percent of the Windows Phone devices already got the chance to get their Windows Phone 7.5 update, which is also called Windows Phone Mango.  Finally the AT&T HTC HD7S’s included in the list. The smartphone will soon get the update. The update comes OTA, so the owners of the handset should be careful to download the update as soon as they are notified about it.

A few days ago due to the document leak from AT&T we learned that an update will be available. I guess the carrier was not making the information public as they still had much to do to get the update on the handsets. I believe it’s better to do like the carrier did in this case, than to make an announcement and start delaying it, thus irritating people.

Another AT&T device is still waiting to get Windows Phone Mango update. That’s the Samsung Focus. Most likely the owners of this device will have to wait till the end of October.

If you’re not familiar with the ways of installing the update on your device, visit Update Central and get detailed instructions.

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