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Apps That Bring Quality TV to Your Phone

Watching TV on the go is quickly going from a luxury to a commonplace expectation, especially with the development of some amazing apps that allow users to watch their favorite programs wherever and whenever. Here are five great apps that provide quality TV for smartphone users.

DirecTV App

DirecTV allows subscribers incredible access to a full range of channels, including STARZ, HBO, and Encore, among others. They can use the app on their phone to watch their favorite channels or even just use it to schedule recording of their shows when they are out of the home. They Direct TVcan also browse and search for shows up to two week in advance, manage their DirecTV account, share favorite shows with friends on Facebook and Twitter, and more. Many users especially like being able to browse what else is showing while at home without having to interrupt their current programming.  This app requires that you be a DirecTV subscriber to use and gain access to all of the programming.  Sign up for DirecTV using for special rates and discounts.

Netflix App

Users love Netflix for the ability to watch unlimited movies and TV shows hosted by the program for a low monthly fee. That ability is now mobile, as users can take advantage of their streaming subscription on their mobile devices and watch TV whenever they want. The video and sound quality offered by Netflix is excellent and users can also search for show titles, although they cannot search for actors or directors.

Hulu App

Many subscribers love to use Hulu to catch up on current programming as well as watch channels that might not be offered on Netflix streaming, such as HGTV. There is one main drawback: the Hulu app does not run on all Android devices, so users will have to check to see if their device can support it. App

This app provides users with content from channels like CBS, ET, and Showtime. Since it is a free app, there will be commercials during the shows, but it offers a variety of current content and provides entertainment for those on the go. The shows are streamed over Wi-Fi and cellular networks for wide availability. It is important to keep in mind that while there are a variety of shows and movies, there are also a number of clips.

Crackle App

Like, this app is free, which makes it incredibly convenient to use, and it has a variety of shows and movies. Unfortunately, it too has commercials, but it is adding an estimated 20 movies and shows each month. This quick expansion makes it worth checking back regularly for new and exciting content. The app will also remember if the user stops watching an episode in the middle and can easily pick up where the show left off. Streaming is even available in both 3G and 4G.

TV lovers no longer need to worry about missing their favorite shows and programs when they are traveling or even just venturing out of the house for a few hours. With the variety of apps available and the range of shows and channels offered, they should be able to find just about anything.


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