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Apple Sues HTC Over 4G LTE Essential Patents

Recently Apple filed a suit against HTC claiming the latter has abused standards essential patents by not offering them under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. This was done after ITC refused the Cupertino-based company in a suit against Motorola. But seems Apple has a goal to attract some public attention with a patent case, and this lawsuit is nothing but an ordinary attempt to show people it will by all means protect everything that belongs to Apple.

As to HTC, this is a counterclaim against HTC’s ITC complaint against Apple. Especially, Apple says the Taiwanese company has been suing Apple over patent infringements, while it was withholding license terms from Apple for the standards essential patents at the same time. On the whole, standards essential patents are granted to companies under the basis that they will be licensed to other companies under FRAND terms.

Moreover, Apple accuses the company of conspiracy to commit fraud. Thus, according to Apple, HTC has violated its contract to offer the patents under FRAND terms and Virginia antitrust law as well.

Besides HTC there are also Motorola and Samsung accused by Apple of abusing standards essential patents related to 4G LTE technologies.


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