Apple Spent $100 Million to Prove HTC’s Fault in One Patent Infringement

In the wake of HTC’s growing activity for this year’s comeback, every single victory against its rivals becomes really significant. And especially if that victory is related to court battles HTC is waging against Apple, which seems has nothing to worry about. No worries in the sense that Apple is so rich it can afford hundreds of millions go without any results in its lawsuits with HTC.

Dan Lyons, Newsweek reporter has updated his blog with information that “a rumor going among the lawyers” mentions as much as $100 million is already spent by Apple in its patent infringement case against HTC. Apple claimed HTC has infringed its 10 patents. The court though found that 9 out of 10 claimed patents were not infringed by HTC, and the remaining one – did. But that single patent was related to such a common feature as pressing a phone number in email or Web site to bring about the menu from which to call the number, and then send a text message and so on. So $100 million was spent on protecting this single feature.

The movie does not end here, as there is another set of patents, which Apple says HTC infringed and the ruling on them is expected to come in March 2013. HTC in its turn waits for a court decision in its own case against Apple, which is expected to appear next month.

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  1. You got to be joking me, what a said state of affairs.

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