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Android’s Next Version to be called Ice Cream Sandwich

The smartphone market is growing very quickly, and there are several companies that guide this progress. Some of them offer innovation hardware, and the companies that produce software have to work hard to supply them. On the other hand, when software manufacturers come up with new technologies, others have to do their best to make devices compatible with them.

This is an ordinary process and I guess it was not a discovery for you. Anyway, I have talked about it to inform you Google is going to combine its two latest versions of the Android operating system to create a new one.

Now you may wonder why the “two latest versions,” as if there are two versions, one of them is older. But all the matter is that Google has developed one version for tablets and the other version for smartphones. The first one is known as Honeycomb and the second one was called Gingerbread. Now the software giant decided to combine these two versions and add more improvements.

This new version of Android will be called Ice Cream Sandwich. According to Eric Schmidt, the Ice Cream Sandwich will be announced at this year’s I/O.

It is a little strange Google is going to use a three-phrase name for the next version of Android, but in general it doesn’t mean anything, and it’s more important what it will have inside.


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