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If you ever wished to test your guessing skills, now you can try to predict the name of the next Android smartphone. We are accustomed that any new Android phone should have its own unique name, and it is not just a model number (like model 1745), or numbers plus some random letter combinations (like AN 17). The names mobile manufacturers give to their newborn creations are meant to underline the desired objective; their phones should have their personality and inner character. Take for example the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, the HTC Evo Design 4G, the Samsung Galaxy II 4G, the Samsung Captivate Glide, the LG T-Mobile myTouch and so on.

But such a predictable trend can become quite annoying, for people want something different. If this issue gets on your nerves, now you can satisfy your curiosity, extinguish your burning anger or test your guessing skills (or if you just like clicking without any meaning on a big button just in the middle of an empty website), then there is now a place on the web to do it ( The website is called as it means to function: Android Phone Name Generator. It is very easy to operate and can become quite addictive actually, though there is no data as to how it eventually will affect your nerves if you happen to do the procedure continuously for a while.

Here are some versions of future Android phone names (some are funny, some – absurd), which the generator produced:

  • Sony Ericsson Amaze Incredible E Prime S
  • Acer Devour Slide S Plus One
  • Samsung Moment Black Z G2 One
  • Sony Ericsson Bionic Vibrant XT 4G+

It’s your turn now, just go to the address and enjoy.


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