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Android Market Reaching Milestone of 100 000 Apps

Third-party services slightly overshot the target predicting the July milestone of 100,000 applications for Android Market. By that time the milestone was not overcome but the record was made three months later.

The other day official tweeter of Android developers blog reported on the achievement of the Android Market. Thus, it only took three months for the online store to grow from 70,000 to 100,000, and games seven months towards the mark of 30 000.

Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry – the largest in the world of analytics and monetization of mobile applications, back in 2009, stated that before the end of 2010, Android Market will exceed threshold at 100-150 thousand applications. Then it seemed to be a bold assumption, but for now it’s a reality.

For the comparison, opened just three weeks ago, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace recently counted the first thousand programs, while the leader among the online shopping applications for mobile devices remains AppStore from Apple with an exponent of approximately 300 000. But at such a rapid pace of growth Google might not need a lot of time to catch up and overtake its main competitor. This means that now its Apple that needs to take some steps while making more competitive games and apps.

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