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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Ported to HTC G1

The release of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was then followed with the release of the source code. And I think there’s no need to mention how fast this OS version got ported to various devices. The list even includes handsets, which are not running on Android OS. Still the most interesting experiment was the porting of the operating system to the original HTC Google device, the HTC G1.

The handset is no longer available for purchase, still it caused so many rumors that the enthusiasts from XDA-developers could not miss the chance to work with this handset. Earlier the enthusiasts had a chance to port Android Honeycomb to the G1. The result was not that disappointing, as most of the features of the handset were working on the device.

The ICS experiment made by jcarrz1 from XDA registered the following results: we have a working touchscreen control (though slightly slower than in case of the high-end devices) and functioning ICS typical apps and features. Next to these great outcomes we have malfunction in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, overall slow performance.

The HTC G1 originally comes with the support of Android 1.5 and this fact already makes the result quite astonishing. Watch the video below to check out the experiment yourself.


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