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Android Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC Desire

Once Google announced the latest version of its mobile operating system, the developers got started and ported it to different smartphones one after another. One of those devices was the HTC Desire. But at that time it used to work with many bugs and users didn’t pay much attention to the ROM. Now that there is a good ground for working (I mean the source code is available), there’s no difficulty for developers to improve Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HTC Desire.

Very soon you will be able to feel the charm of Android’s latest version on an aging phone. The developers work on porting Ice Cream Sandwich on the Desire, and it seems they will succeed. Some guys (of course, from XDA, where else are these geniuses nurtured?) announced the beta release for Android 4.0 ROM on the HTC Desire.

As usual, not all functions are working (camera, USB), but there are a number of good things — WiFi, SMS, GPS, audio, phone calls, touchscreen, 3G, synchronization with Gmail + Calendar, SD, sensors, Bluetooth, acceleration hardware and others. So it will perfectly fit for everyday use.

Watch the video below demonstrating ICS ROM on the HTC Desire.

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