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Android games: Robo Defense

This is one of the top rated games on the whole marketplace – a classic tower D game with both free and paid versions. The objective of the game is to prevent enemies spawning on the left side of the screen from getting to the right end. You get 3 basic towers which are upgradeable to different things. To win you gotta live through 101 waves of enemies coming in. Enemies vary from simple troopers up to jets and tanks. Every time you kill a unit you get money which you can spend on building more towers and upgrades for existing ones.

After each game you can spend gained points on general upgrades and unlock new towers. Also there are tons of achievements to complete! The free version has only one map while the full game will offer a couple maps and more achievements. The game has pretty nice graphics and you can play with or without sound. It was very considerate of developers to enable saving option as the game might take a while and you may forget about everything else in the world. I’m not even going to mention how addicting this one game is – you’ll have to find out for yourself!

After being completely hooked up on the free version you are going to pay the $2.99 for full game and will find it worthy. The only problems people have experience with Robo Defense is that they can’t stop playing.

Robo Defense FREE              Robo Defense

  • User rating:            5 stars (24708)                           4.5 stars (70987 ratings)
  • Downloads:            over 250,000                              over 250,000
  • Price:                          free                                                   $2.99

  • Fari0

    can u play this game on htc hd2

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