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Android 4.0 Ported to HTC Flyer

The HTC Flyer was the first gadget to use full screen with the capacitive stylus. It allows you to take notes by hand and draw on the screen, which as users say is but an awesome feature. But when it comes to the update of the operating system, the device doesn’t seem that impressive.

At the moment the handset is based on Android 3.2, which sounds slightly outdated, but HTC has plans to offer an official update to Android 4.0 ICS  in Q1. While users are waiting for the official version, AidenM (member of popular Internet forum XDA-Developers) introduced the first version of the firmware Skyfire. It does not support most of the functions, but it’s still possible to use the tablet. Skyfire updates Android to version 4.0 and allows to use touch-typing, get news stream via Wi-Fi and several other features.

AidenM did not recommend to hurry with installing Skyfire. The project’s author does not guarantee the stability of the updated tablet, so think twice before a final decision. I advise you to wait for the official update not to risk the functionality of your HTC Flyer.


  • Jbspacia

    nice! i’m a HTC Flyer user and i’m very disappointed on the 3.2 update :( now i’ll just have to wait for the ICSu00a0

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