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Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich Update to be Launched in October

Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich update was expected to be released in the end of the year; however, there are rumors that the OS update will come much earlier – this October. Particularly, BGR is writing about this, referring to some mysterious source that knows much about Google’s affairs.

They say Google hurries to release the update so to be able to keep its existing customers and find new ones. After all, Apple is going to release its iPhone 5 in the end of September or in the beginning of October, and it’s really dangerous for Google – its potential and actual customers can go for iPhone instead of buying smartphones based on Android.

The early release of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich update is beneficial for HTC, too, even though HTC’s smartphones most likely won’t be the first ones to get the update (perhaps the new-generation Nexus will be the happy smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich).

There is no adequate info about what new features the update will contain yet. We only know that it’s going to be a combination of the latest smartphone (Gingerbread) and tablet (Honeycomb) versions of Android. What final product we’ll get – time will show…

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