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A Sneak Peak Into HTC First

The HTC First is one of the first devices launched by HTC that has Facebook Home. This phone is not a very high end one however it will be a hot favorite for social media freaks. When you open the mobile phone package you will find that it has an inner cardboard packaging with a guide for quick start. There are HTC stickers besides the plug adaptor and the MicroUSB cable. This is all regular stuff and it is why we tell you that this phone does have high end features and technology.


If you take a look at the rear cover of this new phone you will find that it is a soft touch one. There are two color variants- one in black and white and the other in turquoise. The case is a round one and it feels and looks clunky and to some extent amateurish for an adult to hold in the hand. However the device is very comfortable to hold and the soft touch at times does become a little slippery. There are sides in the MicroSIM tray and a micro USB port with a volume rocker.

There is a power button and a 3.5mm earphone jack. The bottom of the phone has a speaker grille. HTC has already drifted away from the Android keys in stock like the HTC One. This phone has a pop up menu button with a circle to navigate the user to the Cover Feed that is a double tap. It is a phone that enables multi-tasking and a full arrow for the back key. If you are used to Android devices you may find the above to be a bit difficult initially.

The salient feature of this phone is the Facebook Home that comes preset. This means if you are fond of social media and love to be in touch you can opt for the benefits of the Home login screen when you are on the move. All you have to do is enter the email address and the password and the Facebook Home pops up for you to use. The cover feed displays the Facebook feed in a single place and you have the scope to swipe across panels to get access to extra updates. You also get the chance to comment on posts made by your Facebook friends. You can also add comments to pictures and like them as well by choosing the “like” button.

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