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June 2014

The World of Google Nexus May End With HTC ‘Volantis’

HTC has been making the next Google Nexus Tablet for the mobile enthusiasts. It is a flagship device from the brand of HTC. It will surely create a lot of sensation in the…


New HTC One M8: Network Connectivity is improved with Android 4.4.2 OTA Update

HTC One M8 has been mesmerizing the buyers all over the world. The market is flooded with premium handsets from HTC. HTC one M8 is one of the flagship products from the brand….


Is HTC One M8 is copying E8?

HTC has been releasing premium handsets from the brand that clearly fits the bill of the customer. It has been coming with an apt price tag to satisfy the customer. HTC One is…


New WP8.1 HTC W8 Scheduled To Be Coming To Verizon

There is yet another teaser once again about a high end new Windows 8.1 Phone which is yet to be brought to the market by HTC. The news says that this handset has…

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