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June 2013

HTC One To Launch Windows 8 Phone In 2013

HTC is back in the news again with fresh reports that it will be launching a Windows 8 phone in 2013. This device is rumored to be the same as the popular HTC…


HTC Unleashes 5-Inch Butterfly S Phablet & Desire 600

There is good news for HTC phone lovers and that is the mobile smartphone manufacturer has decided to treat its fans with two awesome devices. HTC has issued two smartphones that are expected…


HTC One Verizon Release To Take Place On 15th July

There are rumors that the HTC One Verizon can see the light of the day in July. There are rumors of a new offer that is coming from the company. This means people…


HTC Mini Rumored To Get Summer Release

The release date of the HTC One Mini is again plotted for summer. This time this device will hit the market at some point of August in order to compete against another Mini…

Direct TV

Apps That Bring Quality TV to Your Phone

Watching TV on the go is quickly going from a luxury to a commonplace expectation, especially with the development of some amazing apps that allow users to watch their favorite programs wherever and…


Mini HTC One Hitting Markets In July

HTC is now geared up to release a smaller but same version of the popular HTC One device in July. Till date the HTC One has reportedly reaped in sales of 5 million…


HTC One Users To Get Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Update

Some HTC One handset owners have received an update this week in the form of the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This is not welcoming for many users as the Company has given this…

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