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June 2012

HTC One V Available at Virgin Mobile

In mid-June we reported the HTC One V would land on Virgin Mobile stores in a week. Though its launch was delayed, we are not disgruntled because we have seen longer delays in…

Evo 4G LTE

Google Wallet Back to HTC Evo 4G LTE, Which Has Got Discount

The Samsung Galaxy S III is coming and all manufacturers are confused because this beast will destroy everything and everyone on its way. Of course, Android market has several desperate warriors ready to…


HTC Connect Allows to Stream A/V Content Wirelessly

HTC makes a step forward by announcing HTC Connect, a certification program allowing electronics  manufacturers to produce equipment for connecting to HTC devices seamlessly. In short, HTC’s devices will now be able to stream…

Equipment Guide

Verizon to Launch HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE on July 5

The HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE was expected to arrive in the States on June 21, but it didn’t. Now Verizon’s Equipment Guide discloses some details regarding the launch of the upcoming HTC…


HTC Desire V Launched in India, Coming to Europe in July

The HTC Desire V was initially designed for the Chinese market alongside with other handsets coming from Dragon series. The phone was codenamed as the HTC T328W, and Chinese consumers were said to…

ITC-808 counterclaims EDVA

Apple Sues HTC Over 4G LTE Essential Patents

Recently Apple filed a suit against HTC claiming the latter has abused standards essential patents by not offering them under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. This was done after ITC refused the…


HTC to Launch Three Windows Phone 8 Devices This Year

The info we have today can help HTC greatly benefit not only from sales of Android but also Windows Phone, of course if it eventually proves correct. As The Verge claims, its tipster…


HTC to Launch Windows Phone 8 Devices

Yesterday Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 OS, which is what the company needed for many years. Now the dominance of Android and iOS is under threat because WP 8 Apollo comes with many…


HTC Rezound Offered for $79.99 at Verizon

The HTC Rezound is the only smartphone coming with Beats Audio built-in. It was the phone’s key feature and the carrier didn’t forget about it when shooting a video ad for the smartphone….


HTC One X’s Wi-Fi Bug Unfixable for Current Models

HTC One X handsets are suffering from different Wi-Fi bugs. Several users were earlier reported to complain about weak Wi-Fi signal. Everyone can check it on their own by squeezing the side back…

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