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February 2011

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 on April 6

No one will argue the Angry Birds are one of the latest amazing games in mobile world. There is not anything superior but these little birds could make us to spend hours at…


Verizon to launch HTC 7 Trophy at the end of March

The HTC 7 Trophy is the first CDMA device to be launched via Verizon, i.e. in the largest CDMA network statewide. According to the rumors, this phone will be available late in March…


HTC Desire family getting Android 2.3 this Summer

The HTC Desire S will be available in the middle of Q2, but this is now news as we have talked about it for many times. But after the European version of the…


HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire S,HTC Wildfire S, O2, Vodafone Uk,

HTC Incredible S is finally available in the UK. This became available from the and its co-partner The Carphone Warehouse. The price of the gadget is going to be £ 499.95, which is…


HTC Merge Coming to North America Spring 2011

Do you remember the smartphone HTC Merge? Yeap, I know some of you assume that this device does not exist for multiple reasons. I personally thought that something wrong went with the release…


HTC Incredible S to be launched on February 26

The HTC Incredible S is one of those smartphone that have been designed for the European and Asian markets. And when a few days ago I posted the Incredible S is going to…


HTC Arrive Coming on March 20

Sprint finally made it- the carrier announced the smatphone HTC Arrive. The device has been rumored to arrive to Sprint for quiet a while, but the carrier was simply delaying the release date…


HTC Aria Getting Android Froyo Update

We know that the first phone which was launched from AT&T with Android Froyo pre-loaded was HTC  Inspire 4G. It made a start of having Android Froyo updates for the rest of the…


HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha to be available in the UK on June 17

When the Facebook dedicated gadgets of HTC were unveiled at MWC 2011, the first question which interested people was about their launch date. And probably the answer that they would be available until…


HTC 7 Pro aka HTC Arrive from Sprint Today?

The idea of having the first CDMA  Windows Phone 7 HTC smartphone is just great, that’s why Sprint carrier decided to actually implement this idea launching the gadget known as HTC 7 Pro….

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