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10 Must Have Android Apps

Android marketplace has become the next hot spot for developing new custom-built apps as well as searching new useful and exciting applications. Developers continuously pour new apps in to the marketplace giving stiff competition to the available one’s for their existence. With so many stunning apps available here, people at times become confused what to pick. Even though you may need to spend a very small amount of dollar for some of these apps, but let me tell you, they are worth paying for the functions they offer. If you are not willing to pay, free apps are no less in number.

However, while selecting and loading apps on your Android phone, you must opt them judiciously giving consideration to your needs. If you pick them aimlessly, sooner you will be loaded with junk apps making your Android experience a nightmare. To help you better manage your Android-based personal and business commitments, here is a list of 10 must have Android apps. Once these apps are under your command, nothing else is required to make your Android set most gorgeous.

1. Locale (free)

Locale is an app that takes care not to put you in  an embarrassment causing harm to your reputation. The wonderful app always remains alert to put your Android smartphone on silent mode automatically when you forget to do so while attending meetings and conferences. On returning home, the app automatically brings the ringer up helping you not to chase missed calls. Besides, if battery reaches low, it automatically turns off  the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on to conserve the remaining power.  Except that it adjusts settings of your phone depending on your location and requirement.

2. FeedR (free)

FeedR is an essential app for any Android device. It is an RSS reader and you will be able to use it as your favorite app and a widget. I believe it is one of the best RSS widgets one can have. The app helps to add your own personal favorites or preconfigured feeds. Auto update feature of app makes it highly competitive and challenging. No user update is required to make the feed reader function properly in the background.

3. GDocs (free)

GDocs is that powerful app that makes access to your Google Docs online documents easy and straightforward. With the availability of the app, keeping documents in cloud is no more an issue. Now you are not required to depend upon a web browser to view these documents. GDocs alone is sufficient to edit text documents and view spreadsheets and PDF files independently. Even though it lacks advanced formatting options but that will not deter you editing and uploading your valuable business or personal data.

4. AK Notepad (free)

Use AK Notepad for endorsing quick notes while on move fulfilling your mobile business needs. In case you forget to act on your notes, the powerful and customer friendly app will send you reminder-alert helping you to accomplish your tasks as per schedule. AK Notepad offers several customization options whereby you will be able to export your notes to Evernote, stick notes on your home screen, or use SMS or email to send notes to yourself.

5. Google’s Open Spot (free)

This is a newly added Android app that helps you find an open spot for parking. The app will enable you to mark a spot on Google maps after rolling out your vehicle from parking and leaving the spot blank. Once notified, other Android user armed with the Google’s Open Spot will be able to utilize that spot for parking. A nice app indeed! It will help you to save your precious time and gas searching a suitable parking spot near your shopping mall.

6. Places Directory (free)

Another useful Android app you will love to have is the Places Directory. The app will keep you cool on your arrival to a new city. With the GPS enabled Places Directory on your board, finding any nearby hotel, spa-center, retail location, restaurant, or any other community center will no more be a difficult task. The directory provides all such information in distinct categories along with giving phone numbers and web addresses. Even you will be able to bookmark your favorite location with the app.

7. Scatterslides

You can’t resist this Android app from helping you to deliver your presentation in a most diligent manner. Scatterslides uses Wi-Fi platform to make your serious presentation in to large displays. The app acts as a remote control for your slides along with providing suitable previews for your final presentation.

8. My Backup Pro ($4.99)

Even though initially you may feel the app to be  not an essential one, but once used, you will not be able to live without it. Don’t you need to backup your applications, call and SMS logs, contacts, settings etc. to a secondary store? How will you do that? The app is an easy solution. It will permit you to backup your Android applications, call and SMS logs, contacts, settings etc. either to an SD card or online site. You can also use the app for your schedule backups.

9. Barcode Scanner (free)

Barcode Scanner is an intelligent app I would love to have with me always. It is an amazing tool that helps you find product reviews including product prices while shopping. To use the app, you will have to scan the bar code using a camera. The app will read out the encrypted data available in the bar code.

10. Documents to Go ($30)

Documents to Go ensures you to have a right tool at your hand while handling an Android phone for editing Microsoft Office documents including the 2007 files. It also lets you to view PDF files.
You can go ahead and try our Office Suite Viewer for Android @ only 4.99$

  • sirmeili

    Isn't Locale 9.99? Or did they make it free now?

  • Sheyra

    I noticed a lot of the plug-ins for it are free… but the main foundation app is 9.99 like you say.

  • Haneef Ibn Ahmad

    Thanks! But need links for them!

  • MohKraats

    Many of these apps not free anymore.

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